Hell Bent For Metal

#95 – Known To Sample The Occasional Rosé

Episode Summary

Mountain Caller drummer Max Maxwell talks to the LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast about being recently out and all that comes with that, and Kerrang! journalist Emma Wilkes joins Tom for a varied HCGBs of The Callous Daoboys, Autopsy, Stake, and Hexed.

Episode Notes

When two-thirds of Mountain Caller were on the Hell Bent For Metal, Tom described them as a majority queer band. Max Maxwell, the band's drummer, is on the show this week to explain why the "majority" bit of that statement wasn't precisely true. It's an extended chat that also takes in the imposter syndrome that comes with being newly out and trying to talk about your queerness.

Plus Emma Wilkes (of Kerrang! and other places) joins Tom to put four very different albums in the the Hate Crew Gaybar's jukebox. They are Celebrity Therapist by The Callous Daoboys, Morbidity Triumphant by Autopsy, Love, Death And Decay by Stake, and Pagans Rising by Hexed.